We manufacture Benchtop Atomic Layer Deposition(ALD) Process Systems for a variety of applications. Our systems are designed to deposit uniform, defect free resistive and emissive coatings, even deep inside high aspect ratio (HAR) structures such as Microchannel Plates, Channel Electron Multipliers and Particles. High quality films with ultra-high aspect ratios are key features of our systems.

Coating Services for ALD Materials and Processes

ARRADIANCE® will design an ALD process to suit your specific performance requirements. We specialize in material resistance control, ask us about your needs.


Arradiance technologies consist of proprietary materials, process and equipment that provide:

  • Substrate independence (including silicon, glass, ceramic and plastic)

  • Selectable device resistance

  • Up to 10X higher gain than legacy lead glass process

  • Elimination of unwanted IONs yielding longer life of both the amplifier and photocathode

  • Semi-conductor class process control, reliability and repeatability

  • Higher yield/lower costs

  • Up to 25 substrates per hour

Arradiance plans to deploy the technology in several important markets:

  • Night Vision

  • Thermal and Fast Neutron Detection

  • Alternative Energy

  • Catalysis

  • Medical Imaging

  • Space Sciences

  • Scientific Instrumentation


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